After looking back through Carrie and Patrick’s photos, I was inspired to revisit our first ever Disney session, with our pals Nick and Jessie. If you read my wedding blog, Nick and Jessie should be familiar faces- Nate and I met because of Nick, and he and his beautiful wife are the proud parents of our nephew Hallpants!

Just like any new photographer, when Nate and I started our business we were dying for people to photograph. I remember taking to MySpace and begging my friends to let us do a free photo shoot with them- we so needed the practice! Nick has always been the biggest supporter of our business, so it’s no surprise he was the first to step up to the plate. This was just a couple days before the love of his life, his then-girlfriend Jessie, was about to move to the other side of the world for a few months to be best friends with Alice and Wendy at Tokyo Disneyland! Nick was heartbroken but the epitome of a supportive boyfriend, and we were happy to give them some photos to remember their relationship by. We just didn’t know how badly we sucked. ;)

First off, we took soooooooooooo many photos and I’m picking my small handful of favorites. This first one tops them all though and really sets the scene… What’s better than starting a portrait session at say, 1:00 in the afternoon- I mean, the sun is at it’s best and brightest! *cringe*


Ten years and her second baby on the way and Jessie looks the exact same. If it weren’t for Nick’s hair and jeans, I’d swear we took these last month!

N_9029 N_9104-x N_9109 N_9185

I also love that at the end of our session, Nate snuck some photos of a wedding taking place at Sea Breeze Point. Little did we know what the coming years would bring! And how many times we’d be working with this specific officiant, Kevin Knox? Life’s funny. :)


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