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Disneyland Paris Hotel Balloon Cemetary

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I’m pretty sure it was our very first date when I asked Nate how he felt about Disney.

“I mean, I have nothing against Disney, I’ve just only gone a couple of times in my life.”

To this date, that was the only thing I ever felt I need to change about Nathanial. The first time I remember going with him was three months after we began dating, and that evening was the first time he told me he was in love with me. :) We’ve been Disney nerds ever since, and I love that he loves it as much as I do. I truly don’t think I could be with someone who’d begrudgingly join me for a park day. And even though he may scoff at the price of soda in the park, if I fall oh-my-goodness-heels-over-head for a souvenir that I haaaaaaaaave to have, he never gives me a hard time about getting it. And my favorite? Because Nate never went to the parks growing up, he’s really only known how to “do” them the way I do them. So I don’t have to worry about him being a rope drop to park closing marathoner, or worry that he’ll roll his eyes at my attractions of choice. We really visit the Disney parks just like anything else in life- Each on the same frequency as the other.

Who would have ever thought Nathanial would become a Disney world traveler by choice on that first date? Me.

Happiest of birthdays to my handsome Bug. <3

Disneyland Paris with the Roots

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Disneyland Paris Parade - Rafiki

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